About Us

At Codva Creatives we believe that a participant’s excitement about an eLearning experience is certainly important, but it may not affect bottom line like you were hoping.

We are a team of experienced instructional designers, creative professionals and learning experts, using different learning methodologies that focus on learning needs and objectives to achieve ROL (Return On Learning).

Our Critical Success Factor:

To help you make a difference, hit the mark, and achieve great personal and organizational success.


learning into employee development plans. Provide opportunities for employees to become better at their jobs or more innovative in their fields.


the value of learning at your company and create excitement for the learning opportunities that are provided. This could involve internal marketing campaigns that communicate your investment in employees’ continuous development


on every detail when creating eLearning opportunities. Will most employees access via a mobile device? Make sure design takes this into account. Does everyone have easy access to the delivery platform and all the updated browsers or plugins?


new acquired skills or completed competencies by employees. This helps employees see how their accomplishments feed into the success of the company as a whole and reinforces the importance of continuous learning at your company.


regular feedback on instructional materials and develop a formalized revision process. Great eLearning can become stale quickly, but with good feedback and some simple changes, it can stay relevant for a long time.

Our 3P Principle

To help you make a difference, hit the mark, and achieve great personal and organizational success.


(In-House, Full-House)
We understand the unique learning challenges in the marketplace, and our team of learning experts work collaboratively across market segments to evaluate and deliver custom learning solutions.


(Proven Learning Approach)
Using our proven process, we listen to understand, plan, execute and evaluate evidence-based learning campaigns.


(Understand and Deliver)
Together we can achieve more. As a trusted learning partner, we work alongside your team to create an environment for learning.

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