What we do


Our comprehensive approach uses dozens of learning methodologies and techniques that help engage learners and get your organization results. We’re careful to consider the existing learning technologies of your company, while helping you decide on what should be moved online. Our aim is to create a holistic learning environment, rather than simply launching a few online courses. Through an in-depth review of your current learning environment and your organization’s requirements, we can help you launch a learning program with an executable plan that provides tangible results.

Our Delivery Methodologies:

Interactive eLearning scenarios and simulations are activities that have the ability to take learners close to the real-life without facing any of the situation or task’s consequences in actual fact.

Scenarios give learners the power to make their own choices from the various options available based on their understanding of the situation. This also involves the use of gaming elements, animated characters, illustrated drawings, alongside eLearning interaction to serve as building blocks to engage and motivate goal-directed behaviour.

Directly allowing learners to use live productions applications can prove to be hazardous as such systems are connected to the real-world.

Simulation-based training modules enable your employees to learn through applications and situations that mimic real life, and in a risk-free environment. Adding a simulation to the learning process can seal the deal by acting as the real-time practice employees long for.

Non-Interactive Instructional Lead Learning is a type of learning where a story is drawn on a whiteboard.

Sometimes, elements of a message may depend on really complex ideas, whiteboard explainer video provides the ideal vehicle to get them across in attractive, fun, and interesting ways.

To quickly capture the attention and pique the interest of other businesses whiteboard animation videos can give you an edge.

Engage learners with meaningful gamification that drives their motivation and builds their knowledge retention.

We approach gamification by incorporating gaming elements alongside storytelling and well-crafted scenarios to give your training a game-like feel.

We offers a compelling alternative to traditional video to engage and educate—one that speaks to your employees’ and consumer’s behaviours. Our e-learning video courses transforms video content into user-controlled, response-provoking, and behaviour-changing experiences.

Our custom, instructor-led training (ILT) delivers group synergy and real-time facilitator feedback to learners with a personalized touch.

Engaging activities, such as competitive games, turn up the dial on participation and retention. Can’t get everyone in the same room? Virtual instructor-led training (vILT) offers a cost-saving alternative to traditional classrooms.


We unlock creativity and deliver memorable learning experiences with our Learning Systems. Our Playbook Learning management System technology is built with the focus of making all your online training rollout a success. It will assist organizations to automate and centralize their training delivery and management with its several rich features.


Graphic Design

Visual content that communicate messages are essential for an organisation. We apply visual hierarchy and page layout techniques that meet learners’ specific needs. We also focus on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs, to optimize the user experience.


Conveying information rich in multimedia such as animation, motion paths, etc in slides is a focus of ours. We can help you produce professional presentations that have a mix of these multimedia elements


Advice and guidance to help your organizations create successful eLearning programs is important. We’ll analyze your needs — organization-wide — and design a training plan that will move your entire learner population toward the big-picture goals.

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