5 Ways to Motivate Learners

For the success and continuous growth of a business, the workforce needs to be encouraged to acquire and develop new skills. 


However, a common difficulty organizations face when it comes to developing their workforce is educating employees on the importance of training and motivating them to complete it.


The key to overcoming this difficulty is to design engaging elearning content.

Learners who are engaged in learning are motivated, inspired, and eager to invest their time in it.


Having said that, what are the best practices for designing engaging elearning content?

  1. Set clear goals
  2. Personalize It
  3. Use gamification
  4. Use microlearning
  5. Make it accessible

1. Set clear goals

Completing something, whether it be eLearning or anything else, brings you a sense of achievement. But for it to occur, clear goals must be set so that learners can know what to expect. This will, in turn, urge them to accomplish each goal.

It is that sense of accomplishment that engages learners in the course content and keeps them motivated through it.


2. Make it Convenient and Accessible

No matter how engaging an e-learning course is, if it is not easily accessible, learners will not be motivated to take it.

To motivate learners, use a quality Learning Management System (LMS) that can easily provide access to learning content on mobile devices while also ensuring that the contents are delivered in easy-to-digest chunks.


3. Use Microlearning

Microlearning encourages engagement by providing bite-sized educational content to reduce the volume of information. This makes learning short and easy to digest, as it focuses on providing learners with the training that they need when they need it most.


4. Personalise it

Personalised learning places learners in charge of their learning. This way, they can learn what they want when they want and in the way they want. 

Learners are more likely to engage in an e-learning course if it is tailored to meet their individual needs. To do this, use simulations, case studies, and scenario-based activities that relate to their real-life workplace issues.


5. Use Gamification

Who doesn’t love a little bit of game and competition? I sure do. Did you know that gamification increases motivation by 83%, according to the TalentLMS 2019 survey?

Using gamification in your e-learning tends to make it more attractive and interesting for learners. Apart from encouraging them to take the course, it also pushes them to complete it through various rewards and incentives such as badges, leaderboards, levels, points, and so on. 

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