There has been no greater leap into the future than through online resources. Taking e-learning courses offers countless benefits, including the ability to learn at your own pace and repeat/replay difficult lessons as often as needed.

A simple e-learning course may be easy to create, but enriching it to increase its effectiveness is quite another story.

Why you need to enrich your e-learning courses 

E-learning courses require a great deal of time, dedication, work, and attention to detail.

There are however still a number of online learners who are concerned about the accessibility of e-Learning courses. The subject matter will be especially useful for learners with special needs or those who are using their mobile devices while exploring the material online.

Every person could build their knowledge base, regardless of their background or location but the process is especially challenging when dealing with topics that are technically challenging or require a high level of information to be delivered in smaller chunks.

Strategies for enriching your e-learning courses

There are strategies you can incorporate to boost the engagement levels, user-friendliness, and fun of any e-Learning content, regardless of what type of content it is.

  1. Be well versed in your subject area.
  2. Engage students in multimedia and game-based learning.
  3. Creating interactive exercises and quizzes.
  4. Navigation and functionality.
  5. Communicate clear goals and set them.

1. Be Well Versed in Your Subject Area

In terms of creating ideal content, there is no golden rule. It is, however, imperative that you research material thoroughly before making it available to your learners.

Your course materials need to be able to back up any claims you make. Information is not digested in the same manner by all learners, and some may need more explanations through examples.

2. Engage Students in Multimedia and Game-Based Learning

Engaging students in your course through multimedia and game-based learning can be fun and effective.

In addition to helping students learn faster, games can also help them retain information for a longer period of time. It is also possible to engage students by including multimedia in your modules. Your lessons can be supplemented with images, videos, audio clips, and infographics.

The key is to select a multimedia format that is relevant to the topic you are teaching.

3. Creating Interactive Exercises and Quizzes

The skills necessary for solving problems and developing analytical thinking can be developed through assessments requiring critical thinking.

 In addition to being forced to conduct independent research, these assessments also require learners to analyze information. Nevertheless, make sure these quizzes don’t take a long time to complete; keeping them in problem-solving mode for two hours straight will only deter them from learning.

The best way to keep them engaged is to provide them with a variety of learning opportunities.

4. Navigation and Functionality

Ease of navigation and functionality should be a top priority when designing the site and e-learning platform.

Web-based learning platforms that are well organized and intuitive allow learners to focus on their coursework, rather than dealing with technical problems.


5. Communicate Clear Goals and Set Them

It is not enough to emphasize that lack of clear guidelines on how to reach goals is one of the reasons teams cannot achieve their goals.

Every course should include a schedule of what will be done when, and what is necessary for the task to be completed successfully.

Learners need to be taught the importance of setting and communicating clear goals. Engaging your learners and grabbing their attention will be easier when you improve the way you design and create e-learning courses.

Bottom Line

Engaging your learners, grabbing their attention, and encouraging them to trust your work will be made easier if you enrich your e-learning courses.

With the strategies provided in this article, you can enrich your e-learning courses regardless of your learners’ goals, gaps, or personal preferences.

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