How to choose the best employee training method

Our previous post, Developing your workforce through training, mentioned some training methods to use for your workforce. Now, it might be great to have so many training methods at your disposal but choosing the right method for your workforce is an important decision. 

The first thing to understand is that there is no one best way to train your workforce as each training method has its merits. 

Here are three steps that will help in selecting the most effective training method for your workforce.

  1. Purpose of the Training
  2. Target Audience
  3. Constraints

1. Purpose of The Training

To select the most effective training method for your workforce, first identify the objective of the training because some training methods are not suitable for some particular training programs. 

For example, if the objective of your training program is to encourage learners to utilize problem-solving and critical-thinking skills at the moment, then the most effective method to employ will be the Role-play method. When it comes to complex topics requiring personal guidance, this method is less effective. Classroom training or mentorship would be more suitable.

2. Target Audience

After identifying the training objective, the next step is to identify your target audience, that is, who the training is meant for -their demographics, nature of their job, level of seniority, and if their training will be in a group setting.

Here is a detailed breakdown of each component.


Each generation has its preferred method of learning. For example, the Baby boomers usually prefer the classroom method of training as it is more traditional, Millennials and GenZ prefer their training to be on the devices they use every day.


Social learning is more effective in companies that rate shared values and community high rather than individual goals and competition.


Nature of Job

The kind of job determines the method of training. For example, jobs that require active involvement usually benefit from Hands-on training while Simulation is more effective for high-risk jobs such as engineering.

Level of Seniority

Senior role employees usually require soft skills but hardly have the time to take training. Online training or e-learning is usually more effective in this instance because it allows them to go through the training at their own pace as well as access it where and where they prefer.

Individual and Group learning

The mentorship method is usually employed for individual learning, that is when just one or two people share the same objective.


However, for group learning, which is when three or more people share the same objective the classroom or e-learning method of training is more effective.

3. Constraints

The final step is to identify the constraints of the training program. Most training constraints are time and money.


If time is an issue, consider training methods that require less time such as classroom training or online training if your workforce is in different geographical locations.

If the budget is tight, leverage cost-effective training that builds on the expertise of senior-level employees such as mentorship or e-learning courses that makes use of curated information such as existing online videos, infographics, etc.


When selecting a training technique for your workforce, you should assess your company’s culture, size, environment -remote or office, and employees’ learning preferences.

For the continuous development of an organization, regular employee training must take place. The use of both online and offline training -blended learning- is best for your workforce. 

Blended learning is easier with a Learning Management System (LMS) which organizes all your training methods in a particular place as well as tracks their progress.  

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